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Spirit Dolls

You can order Sandra's Spirit Dolls and join her Workshops.



 Sandra and Louis Bohtlingk

Dare to Care -Louis' new Book - is all about a change of heart.
We can move from a Money-First World to a Care-First World.

This means we use money in service to our values and the well-being of all people
and living systems of the Earth and not at their expense.

To watch Video Presentations of Dare To Care click on any of these:

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Look at the beautiful Earth around us: with the power of our hearts and its intelligence

we can resolve the issues at hand.

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Where we live
Rowan Cottage, Ardtalnaig,
Aberfeldy, Perthshire,
PH15 2HX, Scotland

+44 01567-235023


Dare To Care

You can order Louis' new Book Dare To Care - a love based foundation for money and finance
worldwide. Read Reviews & Articles

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